Meet the team!

MEET THE ARTICLE 16 TEAM! Asten Holmes-Elliott is an artist and filmmaker whose work examines ideas of identity, otherness and belonging. They have been hoping to create ARTICLE 16 for a number of years, after revisiting their late father’s collection of 8mm home movies. Asten’s Dad was an artist and sculptor/stone mason, and named Asten after the ancient river crossed by the Normans in the Battle of Hastings, near the abbey he was restoring. He was 10 yrs old in WW2, and used the same standard 8mm camera to film his first family with Asten’s half siblings, and then their family, spanning the gap of generations. @aceagrams funded project ARTICLE 16 allows Asten to follow in his footsteps, where shooting LGBTQI+ families and home developing 8mm film will build a closeness to their Dad, whilst creating a speculative place in history for their own LGBTQI+ community where they can belong.

Eleanor Jones is a lecturer at the University of Southampton. She is particularly interested in queer theory and disability studies, especially the ways that queerness and disability relate to ideas about the ‘family’, and histories of race and empire. Dr Jones is cultural consultant on the project, helping us to contextualise the work and keeping us queer!

Fred is an artist living in Southampton whose interests lie in exploring personal relationships as a fat, ill, queer person. For this project they are handling social media and logistics whilst also exploring beliefs and ideals around family in their own practice.

January 15, 2022
Meet the team!


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