Online launch!

ARTICLE 16 is exhibited in a non-traditional format outside the gallery walls, projected outside onto the pavement at night. Due to possible covid restrictions and the time the piece becomes visible, it maybe difficult for people to see the piece as much as they may like. So we will be having an online launch day, where people can view the artwork online for a limited time. Watch this space!
ARTICLE 16 is a new video art piece exhibiting @johnhansardgallery, @aspacearts The Alfred Arcade, and The Spark Building @solentuniversity, until 19th June.
The artwork hopes to capture LGBTQI+ families using a format that has been traditionally associated with the typical ‘nuclear family’, to playfully insert queer people and families into a shared cultural memory, to challenge certain assumptions about what makes a family, to increase visibility, and to carve out space.

June 9, 2021
Online launch!


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