James DeanJames DeanJames Dean

James Dean

Written & Directed by Lucy Asten Holmes-Elliott, 7mins
‘James Dean’ follows the Faulkners as they desperately try to leave for their family holiday. Efforts to co-ordinate the trip are thwarted by their inability to get all members into the car at the same time. Frustrated by their dawdling, 14 year old kid Alex has picked this inopportune moment to tell their elder sister Morvern, Mum and Dad their secret. However, with a distracted and currently disinterested family, they realise the only way to tell them is to show them.

Director’s Statement
When I first started to write a film about gender identity I wanted to stay far away from the ‘political’ side of the issue. I wanted the film to be accessible to all audiences regardless of their background. This meant the plot had to be character driven – the audience had to recognize and connect with Alex’s (Lauren Dempsie) experience. ‘Secrecy’ emerged as a persistent theme through every draft and development. Eventually I settled on dealing with the subject matter in a light hearted, family orientated setting, a place that everyone is familiar with. The idea was that this setting would enable the audience to naturally relate and empathise with the characters. This meant the ‘issue’ could be explored in a subtle and sensitive way.

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