Process time!

It’s process time! Hand developing the super 8mm film that has come back from the families for my @aceagrams funded project ‘ARTICLE 16’. I’m going to go through the steps of hand developing Super 8mm film in more depth, in case anyone is interested, but here’s a wee overview. Blindfold practicing loading my LOMO 8mm film developing tank! When I was a clapper loader (person who puts film in the big movie cameras and says scene 1, take 1, *snap*!) on film sets my boss use to send me to @procamtake2 warehouse to practice loading all the cameras that we might use and I would wear my shirt up over my eyes (to my boss’s dismay) to stop sneaking a peek when the mechanism got complicated as I had to be able to do it in complete darkness so as not to expose the film. For my 8mm process I had my lil make shift ‘darkroom’ (didn’t need to be dark as film was tucked up safely in the LOMO tank, which I loaded in the toilet with the lights off lol) @aspacearts Arch 04 by my studio @archesstudiossouthampton. Warmed up my chemicals in a water bath with a monitor heater. Mixed the E6 chemicals (as I chose to shoot colour reversal film) and worked out my timings and made sure I had them all plastered right in my view so not to miss a timing! The film is very sensitive to temperature and timings. And my nose is sensitive to the chemicals! I then used a laundry rack to dry the film, put it on a spool which was a nightmare! And it worked!! I couldn’t believe it! First time developing with these chemicals, and worked first time. It was slightly disconcerting as the image comes out as the film drys, so I left my studio thinking it hadn’t worked, and came back to find a lovely tonal image had come out, of Dad of participating family Benn Benjamin @iamnowbenn and his wee toddler Silver. Can’t wait for ARTICLE 16 to open soon!

January 30, 2022
Process time!


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