Hi everyone it’s Fred, (@iffybiro @fredashleighthornton ) I’m going to take over Asten’s account every now and then to post about ‘Article 16’. Today I want to talk about #rainbowfamilies that ‘Article 16’ aims to celebrate. I have posted a couple pics of my own #rainbowfamily . Feel free to tell us about yours and tag and share like there’s no tomorrow.

My family is made up of seven absolutely wonderful weirdos.
My sister Maisie calls our non-bio dad Bryan a ‘lesbian’ as a term of endearment, the word ‘lesbian’ means something completely different in her head and is often accompanied with an affection shoulder squeeze.
I remember taking my brother Astor into Reading with our Christmas money to buy him his first dress that wasn’t a hand me down or Textiles GCSE project of mine (he was growing out of the denim shift dress). The dress we settled on had pink cars all over it.
My sister Billie told me she too was non-binary like it was the most casual thing in the world as I anxiously tried to broach the subject to her not sure if I would be able to explain it to an eight-year-old who already knew and embraced gender chaos.
My nan believed my friend Kelly and I were actually engaged because we referred to each other as ‘wife’ so often. When Kelly got engaged to Tom, she had even more questions so to wind her up we just responded that we were very modern and let her brain melt.
My family is made of blood relations and chosen people and like many people’s families it can be fragmented and confusing and damn near impossible to draw out in a family tree. I love my family as it stands and as much trauma and soap opera style dramas as we have gone through, I think we are the best most great family and everyone else is jealous. (but not really love and light and all that).

May 30, 2021


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